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Continue? Episode 7 by Chubby Boy Films

Sadly, the Matador fundraising campaign wasn’t a success, as some of you might have noticed. The third episode of Continue? is basically Greg and Brett’s reaction to the end of that venture, but it’s good to see them taking the … Continue reading

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SFxT Combos by Maximilian

Obviously this isn’t a true day-zero combovid, or even a week-one video, because Maximilian has had access to Street Fighter X Tekken for quite some time. But it is one of the more interesting SFxT videos available at the moment, … Continue reading

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UMvC3 Ultimate Exhibition Vol. 2 by Caj814

After a slight delay, the second volume of Caj814’s Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 ultimate exhibition series picks up where the first volume left off – with lots of creative team combinations, applications of unusual moves, and opponents dying painfully … Continue reading

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Continue? Episode 8 by Chubby Boy Films

The second episode of Continue? jumps right into the swing of things by tackling an important question in fighting game lore: What ever happened to those missing Street Fighter 1 characters? If you’re enjoying this series and want it to … Continue reading

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