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NKI Combo Video Archive

When i first found the fighting game community, before i started making combovids of my own, NKI had already established a name for himself as one of the best combo makers in America. Most of his videos are absolute classics … Continue reading

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SC5 Hardcoar by sithlord

Here’s another highly technical Soul Calibur 5 combo video from sithlord, starring Xiba, Leixia, and Astaroth in over six minutes of footage. According to the description – Ukemi, Aerial control and All Guard were on during all combos except the … Continue reading

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KoF98 ~ The King of Speed Vol. 2 by Remxi

Remxi has compiled another six-minute King of Fighters ’98 “speedbug” video, which focuses on bypassing impact freeze to open up a whole new mode of combo possibilities. The glitch setup is explained in detail below, as part of the full … Continue reading

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SF3:3S Hugo Combo Movie by SofaKingAC

Here’s something unexpected – a new Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike combo video starring Hugo! Although his combo potential is obviously limited, SofaKingAC does a great job of showing a variety of tricks and even pulling out a touch-of-death combo … Continue reading

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Continue? Episode 9 by Chubby Boy Films

Brett and Greg of Chubby Boy Productions (the writer and producer of Balrog: Behind the Glory) are co-starring in a new project that you guys might find interesting. The first episode is ready for your viewing pleasure, with a quick … Continue reading

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Combo Maker Profile: Persona

Persona has been making combo videos for over ten years, starting with King of Fighters 2000 and Capcom vs SNK 2. He prefers to focus on finding new combos, usually sticking to minimal editing or enlisting help from other editors … Continue reading

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KoFXIII K’ Team Miscellaneous Combos by Remxi

Remxi recorded quite a few combos while trying to come up with submissions for the OHNX CMV. He’s released them as a four-minute leftovers compilation, containing several new discoveries. highlights: KoFXIII K’ backwards EX Crow Bites at 0:32, Kula double … Continue reading

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CPS2 stepped up as an editor and made this project happen within a ridiculously brief period of time. Usually these things take months, but somehow he got it done in 2-3 weeks and it turned out great! The video premiered … Continue reading

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UMvC3 Ghost Rider Combo Video by Persona

Ghost Rider doesn’t have much combo versatility to speak of, so this is an uncharacteristically short combovid – but Persona was able to make a few interesting discoveries regardless. highlights: UMvC3 Ghost Rider relaunch combo at 0:30 and Ghost Rider … Continue reading

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Sh*t Combo Video Makers Say! by Snoooootch

I’m not really sure how to categorize this, but it’s pretty damn funny and certainly entertaining nonetheless. You have to admit, it must have taken some guts to attempt something like this. highlights: juggle confusion at 1:14, random one-hit DP … Continue reading

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