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SSF2T Screenshot Set 2 by Bob Sagat

Inspired by his ST-Tribute (RFD 2011 Edition) video, Bob Sagat has compiled another set of unique Super Street Fighter II Turbo screenshots – highlighting more odd occurances and unexpected symmetries. Did you ever think you’d see T.Hawk performing a Scissor … Continue reading

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SF3 Series Necro Combo Video by PaoloMiraglia

PaoloMiraglia sent in this extended combo video a few days ago, featuring a surprising choice of main character. It covers all three of Necro’s Street Fighter III appearances, in New Generation, 2nd Impact, and 3rd Strike Online Edition – with … Continue reading

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MvC3 The Last Hurrah Vol. 3 by Caj814

Caj814 went all-out in his final vanilla Marvel vs Capcom 3 combo video – because obviously there’s no sense holding anything back anymore. Weighing in at almost seven minutes, this thing contains all sorts of elaborate combos for what seems … Continue reading

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Marvel vs Capcom 3: Zero Damage! by Combonauts

You knew it was only a matter of time … The Combonauts are back with another elaborately stylish, manually executed “Zero Damage” exhibition – this time for Marvel vs Capcom 3! Five seconds into the video, you already know it’s … Continue reading

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UMvC3 (Let’s Get Started) by Wolverine-Master

Wolverine-Master managed to get a copy of UMvC3 one day early, and he’s already put together some ridiculously stylish combos with the new characters in the roster. (And we’re even treated to one last vanilla Chris combo as a farewell … Continue reading

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Kirby Return to Dreamland Combos by TheVidyaEsquire

While this obviously isn’t a fighting game, there’s a clear fighting game genre influence in Kirby games – both in terms of character movesets and combat overall. You have to admit, it’s pretty fun to watch Kirby simulating fighting game … Continue reading

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Ken’s Obscure Juggling Combos Part 3 by Snoooootch

Continuing his Ken juggle combo series, Snoooootch is back with another look at Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. This one focuses more on Hurricane Kick juggles, both normal and EX. highlights: SSF4AE Ken corner Hadoken to HP Shoryuken juggle … Continue reading

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Dogface Show Marvel vs Capcom Photoshop Gallery

Some of you may remember a special segment on Episode 02 of the Dogface Show where ComboFiend and Ed Ma were asked to choose between Hollywood actors for the casting of a Marvel vs Capcom movie. Dogface always planned on … Continue reading

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SSF4AE Sakura Combo Video by dragonballjoseph

Season’s Beatings 6 inspired quite a few players to try out Sakura, so long-time Sakura player dragonballjoseph has released another combovid dedicated to our favorite Ryu fangirl. This one features tons of hard links in SSF4 Arcade Edition, often leading … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#03 by Keiko

Keiko’s third volume is somehow even crazier than the first two. With a classic game like Street Fighter Alpha 2, a lot of videos start to look similar after a while. It’s no small feat to make the game look … Continue reading

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