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Balrog: Behind the Glory Promo Article

Looking for updates on the Balrog: Behind the Glory film, set to premiere at Evo2k11? Here are the two latest pieces of info available. First off, if you haven’t seen the Evo 2011 Preview Trailer, go check it out now. … Continue reading

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MvC3 Spencer/Wesker/Sentinel Combos by jamheald

This specialized Marvel vs Capcom 3 team combo video showed up on SRK yesterday and it’s pretty awesome for anyone who plays any of the three. There are lots of partical combos starting from each of the three characters on … Continue reading

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SSF2T Screenshot Set by Bob Sagat

Every single one of these Super Street Fighter II Turbo screenshots is sure to bring a smile to any oldschool player’s face. While we’ve seen this concept before, it’s never been attempted with such attention to detail. How did Bob … Continue reading

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MatchVid of the Day: Filipino Champ vs Viscant (MvC3)

Viscant is my Marvel tournament hero. To be honest, i haven’t even gotten the chance to watch all of his top 8 matches, but i’m certainly happy with the results. He was definitely ahead of the curve with Phoenix, picking … Continue reading

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Skipping the Basics by Doopliss

Doopliss is taking a crack at SSF4 Arcade Edition combos, in his own trademark innovative style. Expect lots of crazy juggles, unknown properties, stylish crossups, and roughed-up wrestlers. highlights: SSF4AE Juri quadruple fireball at 0:34, Yun cinematic ultra-2 juggles at … Continue reading

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SF3:3S Combo Video by his1nightmare

Who says there’s nothing left to be shown in 3rd Strike? Of course, trying to innovate in such a well-treaded game usually leads to subtle novelty, but it’s easy to appreciate nonetheless. highlights: SF3:3S Ken juggle showcase at 0:31, Yun … Continue reading

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SSF4AE Oni Combo Video by desk

Oni completes desk’s mission of covering all four Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition new characters in full individual combovids. His moveset is totally different from the other Shotos, with only a few attacks reminiscent of Akuma and Gouken. highlights: … Continue reading

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Phantom Breaker Combo Collection by Canon Inc.

Canon Inc. took a break from Arcana Heart 3 combos to prepare this lengthy exhibition for v1.01 of Phantom Breaker. As with their AH3 projects, each combo is preceded by a detailed transcript explaining the moves (in Japanese), but most … Continue reading

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KoFXIII Chaos CMV Vol. 1

Team Chaos LA has been spending quite a bit of time at the arcade – gathering live footage for this combo music video in preparation for the console release of King of Fighters XIII. Think of all the quarters that … Continue reading

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SSF2T Ryu and Ken Combo Exhibition by AreBeAre

It’s practically impossible to find any new combos in SSF2T, so most of what you see in this video should look familiar. However, there are a few obscure links which might be fun to watch. highlights: SSF2T Ryu linkfest at … Continue reading

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