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Marvel Super Heroes Combo Video Vol.2 by izumojin

The second volume of izumojin’s Marvel Super Heroes combo exhibition features all the villains on the roster, along with Anita who could go either way. If you saw the first installment, you know what to expect. Or do you? There’s … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Blues by RedRapper

RedRapper examines the newly emerging business side of the tournament scene in his latest documentary project entitled “A New Kind of Blues: A Reflection on the Future of the Fighting Game Community.” It features interviews with prominent voices from virtually … Continue reading

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MK9 Mileena Combo Video by Persona

Rounding out the creepy swimsuit ninja trio, Persona’s latest Mortal Kombat 9 combovid features an assortment of Mileena combos, both practical and impractical. highlights: MK9 Mileena midscreen doublecross at 0:50, Mileena 29-hit midscreen quadruple-cross at 1:52, and Mileena 50% damage … Continue reading

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SF4-Series Combo Challenge 1 Results by Doopliss

A month has gone by since Doopliss issued his “10%-or-less damage super” SF4-series challenge and he’s prepared a video to check off all submitted solutions in addition to filling in some blanks. notes: Finding valid solutions for all but four … Continue reading

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KoF2k2UM Kasumi Bug CMV by Dark Chaotix

Expanding on the King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match Kasumi bug, Dark Chaotix presents six minutes of inventive glitches and combos featuring over fifteen different characters. The combos start at around the 1:20 mark, but some of the glitches are … Continue reading

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Test Your Might CMV by Plazma2k2

If playing MK9 has made you nostalgic about any of the oldschool Mortal Kombat titles, Plazma2k2 has the perfect combovid for you. This project contains new material for console versions of MK1 through MK4, with some of the most elaborate … Continue reading

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Turbo Speed and Frameskip

Frameskip is a method used by Capcom fighting games make the gameplay faster. It began with the sped-up bootlegs of SF2 World Warrior and Champion Edition and became official in Hyper Fighting. Almost all the 2D (sprite-based) games up through … Continue reading

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Street Fighter IV Koryu: EVIL EX #1 by Doopliss

I’m a little hesitant to post this video here because it showcases a hacked PC version of Street Fighter 4, but Doopliss clearly put a lot of effort into it and it is entertaining. I probably won’t feature the entire … Continue reading

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TRUST SSF2T Tutorial by XSPR

TRUST is an acronym for: T.raining R.egimen U.nder S.uper T.urbo – a software platform made up of different programs designed to assist novice and veteran players to improve and learn more about SSF2T. Furthermore, TRUST makes it easy for experts … Continue reading

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Respect The Switch 2 by Diggs-86

Here’s another Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion combo video featuring Jin and Devil Jin sent in by Diggs-86. It contains over four minutes of combos and gameplay tricks, in addition to some fancy editing near the end which transitions seamlessly between … Continue reading

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