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MK9 Sheeva Combo Video by Persona

Persona may be taking a break from making videos, but not before giving Sheeva a chance. She isn’t one of the more popular characters in the game, but does have some nice combos afterall. highlights: MK9 Sheeva 20-hit corner fireball … Continue reading

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MvC3 She-Hulk Combo Video by Tsujigiri83

Tsujigiri83’s latest Marvel vs Capcom 3 combovid features Jennifer Susan Walters aka She-Hulk. He’s certainly done his research for this one, both in terms of innovative combos and finding out her middle name. It does get a little repetitive sometimes, … Continue reading

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Balrog: Behind the Glory Movie Poster

Need another reason to attend Evo 2011 this summer? It is my pleasure to introduce Balrog: Behind the Glory – an independent short film presented by an awesome, creative, dedicated group of Street Fighter fans! It will premiere on July … Continue reading

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Special Move Challenge #1 by wolverine-master

Looking for more combo challenges? Here’s an open-ended one for just about any game you can think of. The only requirement is repeating the same special move four or more times in a combo. notes: The video contains three examples … Continue reading

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SSF4 191-Hit Chun Li Combo by desk

Apparently desk started playing SSF4 again. That can only mean more Chun Li combos for us! notes: He’s set a new SF4-series Chun Li combo record with 191 hits performed against Balrog. Bravo! The previous record was 181 hits against … Continue reading

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SSF4 Juri Combo Video by MetallicMike

This video is actually a couple of weeks old, but i didn’t get a chance to post it when it was initially released. Juri’s first ultra is essentially a Custom Combo activation, which instantly makes her combo flowchart quite a … Continue reading

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SF4 TACV 17: Sagat by Maj

Sagat was the consensus strongest character in the original release of Street Fighter IV, which generally implies a fair share of combo tools to work with. The seventeenth episode of the SF4 Biweekly TACV series features the King of Muay … Continue reading

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KoF2k2UM Kim and Masters Team DCM by majijam

Here’s another King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match “Team Death Combo Movie” by majijam. This double-feature episode contains Kim’s classic team (consisting of Chang, Choi, and himself) and the Masters team (including Heidern, Chin, and Takuma). highlights: KoF2k2UM Kim midscreen … Continue reading

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Red Fight District Tournament Trailer

This has to be one of the strangest and coolest tournament teasers i’ve ever seen. It’s a Holland-themed remake of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo intro, serving as an announcement for the very first Red Fight District tournament to … Continue reading

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MvC3 Dante’s Infinite Without X-Factor by Combonauts

Apparently Dante has a practical corner Wildstomp infinite against several characters which requires no super meter and no X-Factor usage. Is it gamebreaking enough get patched out? notes: The infinite itself is basically self-explanatory once you see it in action, … Continue reading

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