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The End of the Line CMV by Ultracombos

Evidently this is Brazilian combo maker Maiden Masher’s farewell video. Featuring a wide variety of classic and new fighting games, it’s a pretty nice way to say goodbye to the scene. highlights: KoF98 Saisyu quintuple super at 1:34, KoF2k1 Athena … Continue reading

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SF4-Series Combo Challenge 1 by Doopliss

Taking a break from recording alternate trial solutions, Doopliss came up with his own original challenge for Street Fighter IV players: “Do a 10%-or-less damage super.” Even though the rules are simple, the challenge itself is quite difficult for most … Continue reading

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MvC3 Tron Bonne Combo Video by D’Nyc3

The full title of this creative Marvel vs Capcom 3 video is basically a full-on sentence: “Beastcoast Productions Presents The Swag Combo Video featuring Tron Bonne.” It was actually released a couple of days ago, but i didn’t get a … Continue reading

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CvS2 Dan Combo Video by TheMuffinMan

After some unexpected delays, here is Southtown Syndicate’s third and final character-specific combovid leading up to an A-Groove exhibition video featuring most of the CvS2 cast. highlights: CvS2 C-Dan midscreen whiff ghettokick to DP juggle at 0:42, A-Dan rolling Taunt … Continue reading

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Street Fighter X Tekken Captivate 2011 Trailers

Capcom-Unity just uploaded two SFxT trailers premiered at the Captivate 2011 event. The first one is a cinematic sequence featuring Ryu and Ken trying to fend off Kazuya and Nina. The second trailer contains actual gameplay footage (sans lifebars or … Continue reading

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SF3:3S SUV Bonus Stage Challenge by onReload

Who doesn’t enjoy fighting game bonus stages? 3rd Strike aficionado onReload wants to know if anyone out there can beat his high score of 84,000 bonus points on the car smashing stage. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to … Continue reading

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MvC3 Akuma Combo Video by Persona

Akuma may take a lot of damage, but he knows how to dish it out too. He’s not just Hurricane Kick loops either. Persona does an excellent job of utilizing Akuma’s full arsenal of projectiles. highlights: MvC3 Akuma Raging Demon … Continue reading

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KoF2k2 Combo Movie by adakino

I’m happy to see adakino continuuing to upload a steady stream of his classic videos – for obscure fighting games as well as mainstay SNK titles. While most of these videos are several years old, the quality of content is … Continue reading

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ARK3 Tournament Montage by Snoooootch

Snoooootch took his camera with him to the A.R.K. 3 tournament last weekend, and filmed everything throughout the trip. It’s always cool to see how various regions have their tournaments set up. It would’ve been nice to see a few … Continue reading

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MotW Last Order CMV by K’rows

It’s not too often that we get to see new Garou: Mark of the Wolves combovids. Finding fresh content for a fighting game released in 1999 isn’t exactly easy, but K’rows proves that it’s possible yet. Even if you don’t … Continue reading

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