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MK9 Kitana Kombo Video by Persona

It looks like Persona’s curiosity for new fighting games has led him to Mortal Kombat 9, where he’s started off with a Kitana combovid to showcase her capabilities. highlights: MK9 Kitana corner X-Ray Attack combo at 1:41, Kitana three-bar midscreen … Continue reading

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MvC3 Sentinel/Modok/Cap Combos by Nos99

Following up his earlier Modok combo video, Nos99 presents another creative Marvel vs Capcom 3 exhibition highlighting his wacky team of Sentinel-α, Modok-ß, and Captain America-α. highlights: MvC3 Captain America Shield Slash x17 combo at 0:19, Sentinel high-flying act at … Continue reading

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1st Class CMV by KoFFuneral

Representing the classic SNK fighting games, this combo video features King of Fighters ’95 through 2002 in addition to Samurai Shodown III, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and SVC Chaos. highlights: KoF2k1 Mai team beatdown at 1:01, KoF98 Kyo whiff … Continue reading

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SSF4 Makoto Mini ComboVideo by wauhti

This Super Street Fighter IV combovid appeared on SRK earlier today and i think it deserves a mention because of some interesting juggle setups it contains. highlights: SSF4 Makoto double axe kick juggle at 0:28, Makoto mid-combo meaty s.LP to … Continue reading

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desk has Blog!

In an unexpected turn of events, desk has a blog now! According to the announcement video, it’s going to feature combo transcripts, system mechanics, and game engine articles. It’s fairly empty at the moment, but i’m excited to see what … Continue reading

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Street Fighter 4 Guile Combos by gilley

In honor of gilley’s original SF4 Guile combo video recently surpassing the 1,000,000 views milestone, i thought we’d celebrate by reposting it here and earning him some more views! Keep in mind, these combos were performed on an original Street … Continue reading

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Simply Viewtiful by Isorropia

Ready for some fancy Viewtiful Joe combos? Isorropia and CPS2 have prepared this Marvel vs Capcom 3 combovid focusing on Capcom’s little hero – and it is flashy indeed! highlights: MvC3 Joe/Spencer/Wesker 12-meter combo at 0:03, Joe midscreen fireworks at … Continue reading

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Tekken 6 Combo Movie: The Divine Combo, Act 1

The first act of the Tekken 6 Community Project is out now, and apparently it’s the start of a trilogy. The titles seem to be named after a Divine Comedy theme, and the intro is strangely philosophical, but the quality … Continue reading

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SSF4 Dan Combo Video by Snoooootch

Dan really doesn’t have much in terms of interesting combos in the Street Fighter IV series. Almost everything worth showing was discovered within the first month. That hasn’t stopped Snoooootch from putting together this collection of combos and shenanigans though! … Continue reading

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MvC3 Balance Update No. 2 by desk

In response to the Marvel vs Capcom 3 patch rolled out on April 15th, desk has compiled this video showcasing many of the explicit differences between v1.02 and the current version. notes: Some of the glitch fixes Capcom implemented are … Continue reading

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