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MvC3 Arthur Combo Video by Persona

Continuing his exploration of obscure Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters, Persona’s latest video focuses on Arthur. He’s certainly an unorthodox character for a fighting game, but he fits right in with MvC3’s colorful roster. More importantly, his combos are creative … Continue reading

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SF4 C.Viper Alternate Solutions by Doopliss

Despite falling two versions behind, Doopliss continues his series of Street Fighter IV trial alternate solutions undaunted. The latest episode features SF4’s superjump-cancel specialist. notes: Although C.Viper is surprisingly limited as a combo video candidate, what she does have is … Continue reading

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MvC3 Modok Cube Combos by Nos99

This short MvC3 video popped up on SRK today and it’s a pretty interesting glimpse into Modok’s Analysis Cube juggle capabilities, as well as the Aerial Exchange system in general. highlights: MvC3 Modok crazylegs air combo powered by Hidden Missiles … Continue reading

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World Heroes Perfect Combo Exhibition by 538 / KYSG

Apparently all of this footage was recorded in October and November of 2008, but we’re only seeing it now as “Incompleteness selection #04” for KYSG’s 10th Anniversary. There’s a lot of crazy stuff in this game, so i’d say it’s … Continue reading

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Shoto Hitbox Case Study

I’ve always had the impression that Capcom makes hitboxes a little worse in every game. Better or worse, the same moves feel different. To test this, I decided to compare an active frame from Ryu’s forward-jumping roundhouse alongside the first … Continue reading

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MvC3 Leftovers by desk

While working on various Marvel vs Capcom 3 combovids before the patch, desk ended up with a couple minutes of unused combos – which he’s compiled into this quick video. highlights: MvC3 C.Viper X-Factor punish at 0:08 and Haggar/Spencer/Sentinel shenanigans … Continue reading

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X-Men: COTA Combo Video Vol.2 by izumojin

It looks like izumojin is wasting no time in continuing his amazing X-Men: Children of the Atom combo series. This episode is even crazier than the first, featuring the entire cast of villains. highlights: COTA Spiral sword 37-sword combo at … Continue reading

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Melty Blood: Actress Again Bug Collection by muto6

Here we have a 16-minute video containing various bugs/glitches in the PlayStation 2 version of Melty Blood: Actress Again. Some of these have been explored in previous vids (e.g. Kohaku bomb + throw floating floor glitch) but the majority are … Continue reading

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MvC3: The Brawl Vol. 2 by Juan Fra

Barely two weeks after his first Marvel vs Capcom 3 combovid, Juan Fra has completed a second volume of material without any X-Factor usage whatsoever. These combos were recorded before the recent update, but most of them should still work … Continue reading

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Tekken Zaibatsu Community Project #2 Trailer

The trailer for this year’s Tekken 6 Community Project is out and it looks every bit as hype as you’d expect. Thirty combo makers from seventeen nations across five continents participated! notes: Even as a trailer, it weighs in at … Continue reading

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