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MvC3 Spencer Glitch Tutorial/Showcase by desk

The odd dummy behavior in desk’s recent MvC3 videos is finally explained in this glitch tutorial. Turns out it was originally discovered by VirtualDynamite and apparently all you have to do is DHC Haggar’s Rapid Fire Fist into Spencer’s Bionic … Continue reading

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MvC3 Apprentice Tutorials by tragic

Oldschool veteran tragic has been hard at work recording MvC3 combo clips since (slightly before) the game was released. After exploring the entire roster, he’s gone back to basics to create these tutorial videos for the SRK MvC3 HyperGuide, as … Continue reading

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KoFXII CMV Ankoku Edition by Dark Chaotix

After a lengthy unexpected delay, the last King of Fighters XII combovid from Dark Chaotix is finally complete. It contains six minutes of stylish CCs, showcasing nearly the entire roster. highlights: KoFXII Clark high juggle air throw at 1:07, Raiden … Continue reading

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The 10,000 Club by GunterJPN

Back in the early days of CvS2, tragic wanted to make a compilation of combos that exceeded 10,000 damage points. Almost a decade later, Gunter has done it with a focus on A-Groove. highlights: CvS2 Kyo sweep juggle CC dizzy … Continue reading

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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Screenshot Set by Ryukenden

It’s been a long time since we had any new guest screenshots around here, so Ryukenden sent in this exclusive batch of SF3:3S stills to remedy the situation. Ryu, Ken, Sean, Akuma, Alex, Yang, Necro, Twelve, and Q are the … Continue reading

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MvC3 Chun Li Combo Video by desk

You knew it wouldn’t be long before desk got around to making a groundbreaking Chun Li exhibition for Marvel vs Capcom 3, and here it is in all its mashy glory! highlights: MvC3 Chun Li mid-combo Taunt at 0:39, Chun … Continue reading

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Ode to Chinatown Fair

Following recent news that the New York arcade Chinatown Fair could be closing or relocating, the Frame-Advantage crew has compiled this short tribute to the arcade and its community. highlights: “since years” at 0:35, token machine at 1:47, Mott St … Continue reading

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WakeUp SRK Interviews desk

Today’s guest on the Wakeup, Shoryuken podcast was none other than desk – everyone’s favorite combo maker / musician. Check it out! Wakeup, Shoryuken E051 – Desk: Top Publishing The podcast runs for roughly forty-eight minutes and covers a wide … Continue reading

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Joo’s Combo Collection

Today happens to mark the one-year anniversary of the official release of Joo’s Marvel vs Capcom 2 Combo Collection DVD – containing 130 unbelievably technical combos, featuring every character in the game, and representing over five years of research and … Continue reading

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MvC3 Ise’s Team Combo 02 by isedelica

Does isedelica have a new team? He’s kept Dante, but replaced Tron and Super Skrull with Iron Man and Chris. More crazy combos and more Dante moves i’ve never seen before! highlights: MvC3 Iron Man air throw to triple-OTG at … Continue reading

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