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SSF4 Misc Super Freeze Trailer by Snoooootch

Apparently Snoooootch is working on a full-length Super Street Fighter IV superfreeze video spotlighting one special move from each character, slowed down via Makoto’s rage. notes: It’s pretty cool to get a glimpse of the capturing and editing process behind … Continue reading

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SSF4 Girls Combo Video by Tsujigiri83

This Super Street Fighter IV combovid appeared on SRK yesterday and it’s pretty fun to watch. It focuses on Makoto and C.Viper, with brief appearances by the rest of SSF4’s female cast. highlights: SSF4 Makoto pseudo triple uppunch at 1:51, … Continue reading

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SF? Guile Exhibition (Evo2k7 / OHN6 Editions)

Premiered at Evolution 2007 and later updated for OzHadou Nationals 6, this methodical combovid focuses on Guile in the SF2 and CvS series, but contains a few surprises as well. highlights: SF2WW Guile triple Sonic Boom at 3:02, SF2CE Guile … Continue reading

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SSF4 Match Highlights and Combos Ep. 1 by desk

I’ll be honest, the badass ShinSho ultrafreeze at 1:23 is the only reason i’m posting this. From a technical standpoint, there’s never anything new in these match highlight videos. Sadly, most of the community seems to have given up on … Continue reading

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SFA2 Rose Alpha Counter Combo Options by Keiko

Taking a break from compiling “Combo Reviews” for SFA2, Keiko has put together this video to demonstrate all of Rose’s combo options following a successful punch Alpha Counter – one of the few in Street Fighter Alpha 2 that isn’t … Continue reading

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SSF4 Combo Challenge 02 Solutions

This SSF4 Combo Challenge was issued on Sonic Hurricane less than three days ago. Since that time, it has generated thirty amazing responses without any coverage whatsoever on major news sites! Here’s a full playlist of all the solutions submitted … Continue reading

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KoFXIII Character Combo Videos (01.09)

The fifth set of King of Fighters XIII individual character combovids features Ash Crimson along with the original Women Fighters Team from KoF94. I was expecting these videos to be finished last year, but i guess they’re still going at … Continue reading

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SNK Combo Tournament Hosted by UC, KoFU, and CX

Some time ago, Maiden Masher from Ultracombos got the idea to revive the good old days when SNK combo makers would pit their creativity against each other in a combo video. We assembled some of the well-known people of the … Continue reading

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Five Questions with Scott “SaBrE” Bender

Specializing in underrated “brawler” characters, Scott “SaBrE” Bender has been an active contributor to the fighting game community since the very beginning of SRK – moderating the forums and running tournaments in his home state of Arizona. His most recent … Continue reading

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Run It Back: The Road to SoCal Regionals – Episode 3

The final episode of Zaid “RedRapper” Tabani’s extensive documentary series concludes in proper dramatic fashion with SoCal Regionals. For those of you wondering why it’s been so long since Episode 2, check out RedRapper’s notes for the whole (painful) story. … Continue reading

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