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SF4 TACV 15: Balrog by Maj

The fifteenth episode of the Street Fighter IV Biweekly(ish) TACV series features none other than the Champ, the Raging Buffalo – the one and only Balrog! highlights: SF4 Balrog excessively complicated counterhit meaty setup at 0:43, Balrog movelist at 1:17, … Continue reading

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Ougon Musou Kyoku v1.01 Exhibition by ikusat

Ougon Musou Kyoku is a doujin game based on murder-mystery visual novel Umineko no Naku Koro ni. The game mechanics are quite complex, but the combo system is very simplistic and limiting, and this video tries to show some combos … Continue reading

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Five Questions with Sebastian “OHT” Jennings

Since the early days of Street Fighter IV, Sebastian “OneHandedTerror” Jennings has been known as one of the most dedicated Chun Li players in the tournament scene. His Advanced Chun Techniques tutorial series has introduced countless players to the finer … Continue reading

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KoF2k2UM Combo Exhibition by AVD

AVD released this video as a New Year’s present for every KOFer, and it’s pretty amazing all the way through. Literally every combo is interesting in one way or another. The soundtrack is a little bizarre, but maybe that’s what’s … Continue reading

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KoFXIII Character Combo Videos (01.25)

The sixth set of King of Fighters XIII individual character combovids features the classic Psycho Soldier Team of Athena, Kensuo, Chin – and all kinds of glitter! notes: Athena, Chin, and Kensuo comprise the sixth batch. Athena has some interesting … Continue reading

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Akuma Enjoys 5/4 – An SSF4 Combo Video by desk

In Super Street Fighter IV, the startup of Akuma’s s.HK was increased in order to eliminate his SF4 loop (s.LP, s.HK repeated). With this video, desk shows a variety of ways to mimic those vanilla combos. It’s impossible to link … Continue reading

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The Impromptu Dogface Show with Neo

Dogface sits down with Neo the prodigy shortly after his Marvel vs Capcom 2 Money match win over the oldschool legend Clockw0rk. They discuss Neo’s future plans, different aspects of the fighting community, what got Neo started in MvC2, Neo’s … Continue reading

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Double Impact 3

Blazt The Speakerz and CSVagrant have completed their third and final installment of Double Impact, focusing on Marvel vs Capcom dual-character combos utilizing the dead man glitch. highlights: MvC Wolverine/Orange-Hulk diagonal volleyball at 1:15, double-Gief elbow drop exhibition at 5:37, … Continue reading

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KoF2k2UM K’ Team Death Combo Movie by majijam

After a long break, majijam has released another 100% damage combovid for King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match. The K’ Team is spotlighted – featuring Whip, Maxima, and of course K’. highlights: KoF2k2UM Whip quintuple jump combo vs K’ at … Continue reading

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Neo vs Clockw0rk: The Final Chapter

Dogface and striderzer0 put together this trailer to hype up the exhibition match between Neo The Prodigy and Clockw0rk the MvC2 legend – slated for West Coast Warzone 3 this weekend. in Dogface’s own words: “This upcoming weekend at WCW, … Continue reading

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