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XSPR Interviews TZW-ART?

TZW-ART? is probably the most influential combo video maker of all time. XSPR just sent me this interview with the SF2 combo legend, which he conducted with translation help from Ksedaka. He’s asked me to publish it on ComboVid, and … Continue reading

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T6BR Jack-6 Combo Video by Guc11

In a rather surprising turn of events, Hungarian combo maker Guc11 has joined the legendary Tekken group known as Project KYSG. This combovid is his first production as a KYSG member. highlights: T6BR Jack-6 upblast juggle at 0:49, Jack-6 201 … Continue reading

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SF4 Simultaneous Throws Overview by error1

Some folks have been wondering what happens when two throws are performed at the same time in Street Fighter IV, so error1 compiled this video to prove that the results are random. notes: Every situation demonstrated in this video applies … Continue reading

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FightersFury Interviews Steve H and Jason Cole

FightersFury conducted these two-part interviews over NEC XI weekend in Philadelphia. They’re completely open and honest which makes them a lot of fun to listen to, but watch out for the random profanity if there are parents of small children … Continue reading

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SSF4 Rufus Combos by Satwiden

Satwiden is back with another Super Street Fighter IV combo music video – this time featuring Rufus. It’s got great editing and presentation, to match his previous work. highlights: SSF4 Rufus linkfest vs Makoto at 0:45, Rufus faaar corner ultra … Continue reading

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Absolute Battle Dallas 2k10 by Snoooootch

Two tournament footage compilations in one day? Why not? This is a pretty fun video shot by Snoooootch during the Absolute Battle tournament held last month in Texas. highlights: controller showcase at 0:07, maximum occupancy sign rocked again at 0:42, … Continue reading

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Five Questions with Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas

Known as one of the premier rushdown specialists in the country, Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas has been terrifying defensive players since the early tournament prime of CvS2. He placed within top 4 twice at Evolution, in 2005 and 2006. This aggressive … Continue reading

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Picking Up Tokido on Being a Scrub

Tokido is one of the Japanese players attending Shadowloo Showdown 2010 this weekend, and muttonhead was one of the players who picked him from the airport upon his arrival. He wrote this awesome post about Tokido’s first day in Australia, … Continue reading

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N.E.C. 11 by Xenozip

Continuing (or perhaps establishing?) the tradition of trippy crowd montages filmed at NorthEast Championships, this video catalogues Xenozip’s roadtrip to the recent tournament in Philadelphia and the diverse mix of games represented there. highlights: surprisingly smooth VS intro transition at … Continue reading

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Highest Possible SSF4 Combo? by desk

We all know that the Street Fighter IV combo counter stops at 99 hits, but have you ever wondered how high a real combo could go? Well, desk may have found the answer for us. if you like this video: … Continue reading

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