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MvC2 Neta Compilation by Magnetro

With the year nearly over, Magnetro has gathered all of his “scrap clips” and combined them into one video “for easier reference and better presentation.” He says he has no more content left, so take a look – for old … Continue reading

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desk’s 2011 Video Preview

SSF4 world record holder and combo artist extraordinaire desk presents this preview of what’s to come in 2011 – and it’s pretty elaborate in the most awesome sense. Check it out. if you like this video: Head over to desk’s … Continue reading

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Double Impact 2

MvC1 has an elaborate glitch which allows two teammates to remain on the screen at the same time, sort of like a sustained Variable Cross duo. Blazt The Speakerz and CSVagrant have already released two combovids showcasing this concept. With … Continue reading

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SSF4 Even More Zero Damage! by Combonauts

The Combonauts are back with another Super Street Fighter IV “Zero Damage” exhibition! With meter restrictions out of the way, the choreography gets even crazier in this episode. highlights: SSF4 Juri vs Ibuki acrobatic sequence at 0:44, Bison vs Seth … Continue reading

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Stride Or Die

This Strider exhibition (featuring MvC, MvC2, Namco vs Capcom, and Strider 2) is actually over a year old, but it’s still pretty awesome. Blazt The Speakerz uploaded it in high quality this week and sent me the link, so here … Continue reading

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SFEX3 Emotional Flow Video by ShinjiGohan

Street Fighter EX3 is a tag-team fighting game where each character has a separate super meter. When one character dies during a match, both super meters combine and the survivor inherits the six-bar limit. These combos demonstrate that mechanism, called … Continue reading

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This multi-game collaborative combovid was made for the Sydney Summer Slam tournament held in Australia this weekend. It was produced by CPS2, with the unifying theme of showcasing Super Street Fighter IV characters in various classic fighting games. highlights: SFZ2A … Continue reading

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A Tribute To TZW-ART?

It’s impossible to overstate the impact of TZW’s works on the entire fighting game community. He set the standard for combo video excellence – before the internet became a household utility, back when most people were completely unaware of the … Continue reading

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SSF4 Dudley Combo Video by Jokacrazy

Here’s another good Super Street Fighter IV combovid released a couple of months ago which didn’t get much attention at the time. It features Dudley’s wide assortment of ultra setups. highlights: SSF4 Dudley pushing buttons at 0:28, Dudley double Ducking … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Review ~ Chapter 4: Ken by Keiko

The fourth chapter in Keiko’s Street Fighter Alpha 2 comprehensive combo tutorial series features one of the top four characters in the game – Ken Masters. highlights: SFZ2A Ken knee link at 3:09, SFZ2A Ken roll Shinryuken juggle at 3:13, … Continue reading

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