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CyberXkxDashX Personal CMV

It seems we have another newcomer to the SNK side – specializing in chaotic striker combos for King of Fighters 2000 and 2001. This combovid was recorded and edited entirely by CyberXkxDashX, and i’m sure you’ll agree that it’s quite … Continue reading

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Weekly Screenshot: Tilting at Windmills

Whoever comes up with the best caption will win an unopened Street Fighter The Movie collector’s edition widescreen DVD – valued at $9.99 according to this sticker that won’t come off. As always, the rules are one entry per person. … Continue reading

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SSF4 Ken Masters Combo Exhibition by GetTheFruit

Looks like we another challenger to the Ken combo throne! In his very first video, GetTheFruit has thrown down the gauntlet with insane links, mid-combo meaties, and crazy crossups. highlights: SSF4 Ken mid-combo meaty c.LK link at 0:17, Ken corner … Continue reading

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KoF2k2UM Kasumi Bug Tutorial by K’rows

K’rows is back with another King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match glitch tutorial revolving around Kasumi’s counter specials. Once again it’s explained step by step in Korean – so if anyone can translate, that would be really helpful. notes: It … Continue reading

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“Introducing Myself” by Snoooootch

I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like this before. It’s essentially a trailer for three different projects, while also serving as a personal introduction. An awesome idea, to say the least. notes: If any of these upcoming videos interest … Continue reading

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KoFXIII Character Combo Videos (11.15)

The fourth set of King of Fighters XIII individual character combovids has finally been released by SNK’s Hong Kong branch. This batch covers the classic Art of Fighting team and the Ikari Warriors team – with plenty of high-powered damage … Continue reading

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Run It Back: The Road to SoCal Regionals – Episode 2

The second episode of Zaid “RedRapper” Tabani’s documentary follows the three main players from the previous installment – Jorge, Brett, and James – as they prepare for SoCal Regionals. Make sure you take a minute to read RedRapper’s notes too. … Continue reading

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Shoto Shuffle by Pokey86

This was intended to be a combo video displaying only anti-air combos, but my lack of creativity, and in some cases execution got the better of me. That said it’s still fun to make a video, and this one has … Continue reading

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The Dogface Show, Episode 9

The triumphant return of the Dogface Show was broadcast live from SoCal Regionals featuring the Three Cali Kings of Street Fighter: John Choi, Mike Watson and Alex Valle! These three oldschool legends sat down with Dogface to discuss the highs … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Review ~ Chapter 3: Charlie by Keiko

Here’s yet another comprehensive Street Fighter Alpha 2 combo tutorial by Keiko, this time focusing on the game’s requisite Sonic Boom character. Be sure to stop by Keiko’s channel to watch previous episodes, and subscribe if you want to see … Continue reading

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