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Five Questions with Jason “DreamTR” Wilson

From organizing the long-running Midwest Championships annual majors, to writing strategy guides and tournament coverage as senior editor for Tips & Tricks Magazine, to designing game controllers at NubyTech and Pelican, to working on Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe at … Continue reading

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MatchVid of the Day: OmniSScythe vs xSoSickNASHFANx

Ready for some BlazBlue: Continuum Shift mystery/suspense? (Yup, those names are serious. So serious that the name of the game wouldn’t even fit in the title!) players: OmniSScythe (Jin) Vs xSoSickNASHFANx (Litchi) observations: Can someone please explain what happens at … Continue reading

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SRK’s Street Fighter Pro Secrets Series Complete

Street Fighter veteran and SRK advisor John “ChoiBoy” Choi has interviewed a different top player every day for the past week, to uncover their secrets to winning. The entire seven-part series was completed today, so all seven sessions are now … Continue reading

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CJ Absolute Judge Side-B by Persona

After some unexpected delays, the second half of Persona’s lengthy tutorial-style Castlevania Judgement combovid is finally complete. Get ready for more lavishly animated cinematics and 3D free-movement gameplay from the overlooked Nintendo Wii fighting game. highlights: CJ Alucard 100% damage … Continue reading

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MatchVid of the Day: Mizoteru vs Ojisan Boy (SF4)

It’s not too often that we get to see quality Blanka play in Street Fighter IV, especially aggressive-oriented gameplay from a character that tends to turtle more often than not. players: Mizoteru (Blanka) vs Ojisan Boy (Sagat) observations: The entertaining … Continue reading

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KoFXIII Character Combo Videos (10.14)

This third set of King of Fighters XIII individual character combovids finally brings us up to date on all of them uploaded by SNK’s Hong Kong branch so far. This batch covers the oldschool Fatal Fury team and the dysfunctional … Continue reading

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TvC Jun The Swan Advanced Combos by Brian Kasugano

With MvC3 on the way, much of the Tatsunoko vs Capcom hype seems to have dwindled down, but a few players haven’t given up on the game quite yet. Here’s a new video of impressive Jun The Swan combos released … Continue reading

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New ComboVid Logo

What do you guys think of the new ComboVid logo? The idea for it was originally sketched on a piece of paper by jchensor, then photographed and transmitted via cell phone, because we live in the future now! Keiko helped … Continue reading

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MatchVid of the Day: Nakanishi vs Yamazaki93 (CvS2)

To keep the Capcom vs SNK 2 spotlight shining a little longer, here’s an old match featuring Nakanishi’s beastly Guile going all-out ninja on K-CBS. players: Nakanishi (C-Ken/Guile/Sagat-2) vs Yamazaki93 (K-Cammy/Blanka/Sagat) observations: One of the coolest things i’ve ever seen … Continue reading

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CvS2 Balrog Combo Video by TheMuffinMan

According to the description, this is “the first in a series of character-specific combo videos leading up to an A-Groove exhibition video featuring most of the cast of Capcom vs. SNK 2.” Sounds pretty exciting, if you’re a CvS2 fan. … Continue reading

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