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MatchVid of the Day: HishouUsagi vs Desora (SF2RE)

Who’s up for a SF2 Rainbow Edition match? I believe it’s from a casual set, but i remember Desora was one of the first people to post RE matches. This was the one that attracted the most attention because it … Continue reading

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K-6 Presents Combo Vid No.5

And this final volume wraps up rKf’s excellent Third Strike combo video series, and certainly goes out on a high note. If you enjoy this video, please take 5 minutes to leave a positive comment below. We’re trying to encourage … Continue reading

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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Screenshot Set by onReload

It’s time for another exclusive batch of guest screenshots – this time highlighting SF3:3S, courtesy of onReload. His “Fun With Symmetry Hour” features Q, Makoto, and Oro; along with a special apperance from Sean, who may or may not be … Continue reading

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Doll Fighter IV by Doopliss

Now for something … well, different. Doopliss has arranged a custom rendition of Cammy’s theme song from Street Fighter Alpha 3 using various pitch-shifted sound effects from SF4. Does it faithfullly convey the original sound? You be the judge. (I … Continue reading

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MatchVid of the Day: ToXY vs Daigo (SSF4)

When you have a question about fighting a specific character, the best thing to do is search for match videos of top players representing that matchup to see how they approach it. For instance, if you’re an Akuma player and … Continue reading

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K-6 Presents Combo Vid No.4

The fourth volume in rKf’s manually executed Third Strike combovid series is entitled “not-so-great Leftovers” which is rather misleading because some of this material is pretty sweet. highlights: SF3:3S Urien midscreen non-dizzy EX knee into Chariot Tackle at 0:32, Yun … Continue reading

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Glitch Handbook: Street Fighter II Arcade

I’ve been doing combo stuff for about a year now, and the hardest and most time consuming part of making a new combo is research. I’ve often stumbled on NKI’s old Glitch Bible and wished it had been updated with … Continue reading

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MatchVid of the Day: Desora vs Daidouraku (CvS2)

Have you ever wanted to see R4 Raiden win a Capcom vs SNK 2 tourney? The answer is yes. Well, today is your lucky day! (Minor inconsequential detail: This “tournament” may have taken place in someone’s house. And the participants … Continue reading

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K-6 Presents Combo Vid No.3

It’s shaping up to be a slow day today, so we’ll start with the next episode in rKf’s Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike combovid series, starring everyone’s favorite gentleman boxer, Dudley. highlights: SF3:3S Dudley vs Alex at 1:31, Intermission segment … Continue reading

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SSF4 Combo Exhibition by MrDustKicka

MrDustKicka brings us four minutes of Super Street Fighter IV combos, covering a wide range of characters this time. As he says in the description, “none of the combos are new” but this seems to be the first of three … Continue reading

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