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Screenshot Archive: Street Fighter Alpha 3

Alpha Counters have existed since Street Fighter Alpha, but SFA3 gave them extra dramatic flair by adding a lightning bolt to their startup animation. SFA3 A-Guy’s Alpha Counter lightning strikes after he blocks X-Cody’s F+MP, as Haggar and Axl watch … Continue reading

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Sarah Bryant Evolution by tragic

This is going back a ways – to GCC days, when IRC was still an essential communication medium. Shortly after Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution was released, we were treated to this superbly edited combo video – the result of two … Continue reading

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Screenshot Archive: Oldschool Assortment

Some of you may remember the fighting game screenshot gallery i compiled last year. It was relatively well-received and eventually followed by a series of weekly screenshots posted on Sonic Hurricane every Thursday. I’ve decided to carry on that routine … Continue reading

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The 3rd New Blood

New Blood 3 is a multi-game combo video featuring contributions from twenty people, where almost every single person specialized in a different game. highlights: KoF2k Kyo vs Athena at 4:25, KoF98 Leona vs Yamazaki at 4:56, MSH Blackheart vs Psylocke … Continue reading

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Vid of Dreams by desk

Originally premiered at Evo ’07 in Las Vegas, this three-chapter compilation contains material from all major versions of SF2, along with bonus footage from SFA2 and 3S. highlights: SF2CE Ryu vs Guile at 3:14, SNES SSF2 Fei Long vs Dhalsim … Continue reading

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CvS2 Guile Tactics v1.0 by Maj

Recorded well over five years ago, a few of these tactics are somewhat dated now. They’ll still work if you’re just trying to learn CvS2, but not against the few veterans who never stopped playing the game. Then again if … Continue reading

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Level|Up Promo Video

This video was released to promote a SoCal SF4 and T6 tournament in December, but it doubles as a CaliPower highlight reel. What can i say? It’s fun to watch. highlights: Has it really been twelve years since the Alex … Continue reading

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MBAA :: NECX by Rithli

This video chronicles the Melty Blood: Actress Again tournament held at NECX, in case anyone needed further proof that the MB scene is legit. highlights: combos at 0:21, synchronized head-shaking at 0:40, IRC cameo at 0:53, and salt at 5:29

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Fun With SF4 vol.1 by Maj

Every Street Fighter IV character is showcased exactly once (by character select screen order) in this lighthearted collection of random combos and situational tricks. highlights: SF4 Akuma vs Dhalsim at 0:22, Chun Li vs Vega at 0:45, M.Bison vs Rose … Continue reading

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CvS2 Tech Throw Reversal Glitch by Bea

When both characters perform reversals following a teched throw, CvS2 freaks out and produces all kinds of bizarre effects. This vid provides a quick overview of the famous bug. highlights: CvS2 Blanka vs Maki at 0:07, CvS2 Joe vs Kim … Continue reading

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