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SFA Random Combos #01 by Keiko

If anything in this video seems strange, that’s because five different arcade/console versions of Street Fighter Alpha were used produce the large variety of bizarre combos shown. highlights: SFA Dan vs Birdie at 0:28, Auto-Mode Charlie vs Bison at 0:48, … Continue reading

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SSF4 Zero Damage! by Combonauts

Have you ever wanted to try a fighting game where nobody gets hurt? Well, now you can see how it would look. As the description says, their goal here “isn’t to reveal great combos – only to have some fun … Continue reading

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Screenshot Archive: Cyberbots

Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness has some of the most interesting animated backgrounds i’ve ever seen in a 2D game. There’s all kinds of elaborate insanity going on back there. CB Jin’s Blodia cancels BIT High Blast into Planet Smasher as Mary’s … Continue reading

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SF3 3rd Strike Yang Combo Video by 538

After nearly four years of silence following his ninth amazing SF3:3S combo video, we’re finally treated to this long-awaited Yang episode – or at least a preview of what it might have been. highlights: SF3:3S Yang vs Urien at 0:23, … Continue reading

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Welcome to ComboVid!

What do you think? It’s a little bare and a little rough around the edges at the moment, but that’ll change in no time. I have a lot of ideas for this place, so it’s only a matter of implementing … Continue reading

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SF1 Ryu’s 3-Hit Instant Kill Dragon Punch

Have you ever wondered how Sagat got his scar? Or why that SF1 Shoryuken did so much damage in SF? Ryu Exhibition? Well, this little video answers both questions. It even contains the entire boss battle, ending, and credits sequence … Continue reading

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Screenshot Archive: Kizuna Encounter

Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle is a weapon-based tag team fighting game developed by SNK in 1996. I have to admit, i had never played the game before taking these screenshots. KE Raged Chung’s Hakukoh Dan leaps toward Joker’s K … Continue reading

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God of War II Combo Video by Magnetro

God of War 2 was developed by SCEA Santa Monica Studios where a number of oldschool Street Fighter players worked as designers and animators. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that many of these Kratos combos look like they came straight out … Continue reading

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Screenshot Archive: SFA3 Revisited

Extending the Street Fighter Alpha 3 screenshots are two remaining from the original batch and three responses to a recent request. SFA3 X-Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadoken briefly mirrors A-Akuma’s lvl3 Messatsu Gouhadou. Akuma’s version expands to that size every few frames, … Continue reading

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SFZ2A Dramatic Battle TAS by error1

Ever since TASVideos began officially supporting arcade emulators, fighting games have been attracting increased attention from within their community. This Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Dramatic Battle tool-assisted speedrun is probably the best one yet. highlights: SFZ2A Rose/Dhalsim vs Sagat … Continue reading

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