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MVCI: Thanos/Dr.Strange Tech Showcase FT. Time & Power Stone, HUGE combos & mixups

This is my first full MVC combo video and im excited to say its one of my longest and hardest projects yet! I chose to feature a stone that is seldom used to show off that it is still a … Continue reading

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Street Fighter V: FANG Combo and Tech Exhibition Video

This is the first official SFV combo video on my channel and features none other than the dastardly menace FANG! A character that is often slept on, this video aims to show some of his extended combo potential in the … Continue reading

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SF4 Game Mechanics Guide by 3nigmat1c

Over a two-year period, 3nigmat1c put together an amazing compendium of match-practical knowledge on the SF4 series. His articles cover a wide range of critical skills such as frame traps, option selects, meaties, safe jumps, and much more. Each article … Continue reading

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Advanced SF4: All About Dummies

Anyone who has practiced a combo in Street Fighter IV and then tried it on Blanka can tell you, the character you’re hitting is very important. Very few of the combos in Maj’s incredible TACV’s work fully on more than … Continue reading

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Turbo Speed and Frameskip

Frameskip is a method used by Capcom fighting games make the gameplay faster. It began with the sped-up bootlegs of SF2 World Warrior and Champion Edition and became official in Hyper Fighting. Almost all the 2D (sprite-based) games up through … Continue reading

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Shoto Hitbox Case Study

I’ve always had the impression that Capcom makes hitboxes a little worse in every game. Better or worse, the same moves feel different. To test this, I decided to compare an active frame from Ryu’s forward-jumping roundhouse alongside the first … Continue reading

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Background Music Muting Procedures

Background music – the eternal mortal enemy of combo video makers everywhere. It certainly has been the bane of my existence over the past four years. And what better way to treat my anguish than to give you all the … Continue reading

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Coping with Frame Rate Limitations

Generally speaking, videos uploaded to u2be suffer a drop in quality in the conversion process. This can be offset by uploading in high resolution, but one thing you can’t avoid is the 30 frame per second limit on framerate. This … Continue reading

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Picking Up Tokido on Being a Scrub

Tokido is one of the Japanese players attending Shadowloo Showdown 2010 this weekend, and muttonhead was one of the players who picked him from the airport upon his arrival. He wrote this awesome post about Tokido’s first day in Australia, … Continue reading

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The Stages of Learning by darcontek

Here’s an interesting post about the psychological aspects of learning how to play Street Fighter. It doesn’t delve into any strategy specifics, but it is kind of a neat of way looking at the whole process. Here’s the link along … Continue reading

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