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SFA3 Dramatic Battle TAS by error1

Error1’s latest tool-assisted fighting game speedrun was actually completed a while ago, but published by TASVideos this week. It’s another Dramatic Battle playthrough featuring A-Ism Rose and Dhalsim, this time tearing through Street Fighter Alpha 3 with insane co-op combos. … Continue reading

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HSF2 Ryu Tool-Assisted Playthrough by leandroff5

Every speedrun this dude releases is better than the last, and this Hyper Street Fighter 2 TAS featuring Ryu is no exception. There’s no shortage of difficult combos and crazy counters. highlights: HSF2 Ryu double fireball combos at 1:54, Ryu … Continue reading

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SF3:3S Makoto Tool-Assisted Speedrun by DevilAzite

What’s the best shortcut to making an entertaining fighting game speedrun? Find a character with a damaging yet highly impractical attack, and spend most of your time trying to land it. You can’t ask for a more perfect example of … Continue reading

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SSF4 World Record Arcade Mode Score by desk

Apparently the current world records for SSF4 arcade mode scores are 2,014,700 points for Xbox360 and 1,119,600 points for PS3. Using Chun Li, desk takes on the mission of breaking both records – using a completely different approach than you’d … Continue reading

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Genesis Pit Fighter TAS by adelikat

Does anyone remember playing this awful game? I had the misfortunate of experiencing it because one of my friends somehow got his parents to buy it for him as a kid. Luckily jjunior76 discovered a weird glitch that freezes opponents … Continue reading

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Game Boy Mortal Kombat 2 TAS by AKheon

Do you like collision detection? Do you appreciate sound? Do you value your time? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, this tool-assisted playthrough is definitely not for you! Seriously, this game couldn’t have been programmed worse if they tried. … Continue reading

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UMK3 Tournament Mode TAS by SDR

A very quick and glitchy tool assisted 8 vs 8 match – worth checking out even if you’re not familiar with the game. You definitely won’t fall asleep halfway through. highlights: Dueling Sub-Zeros at 1:19, combo into off screen knockdown … Continue reading

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SFA3 V-Cody Tool-Assisted Playthrough 6 by leandroff5

This appears to be the sixth and final draft of a Street Fighter Alpha 3 TAS (or TAP) starring eveyone’s favorite handcuffed knife-wielding brawler, Cody. highlights: SFA3 V-Cody two-way knife jab combo at 1:00, V-Cody triple guard crush VC at … Continue reading

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Ninja Masters Monster Pack by Gen

These are already spotlighted on Sonic Hurricane but they deserve a mention here too. After all, it’s easily the most comprehensive video project for Ninja Masters ever assembled. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of ADK’s Ninja Masters – nobody … Continue reading

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SF2 Rainbow Edition TAS by error1

Although labeled a tool-assisted speedrun, this Street Fighter II’ Rainbow Edition playthrough clearly aims for entertainment over speed. Every character is showcased prominently, and the first two bonus stages even involve second player participation. highlights: SF2RE Guile vs Zangief combos … Continue reading

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