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SNK Combo Tournament Hosted by UC, KoFU, and CX

Some time ago, Maiden Masher from Ultracombos got the idea to revive the good old days when SNK combo makers would pit their creativity against each other in a combo video. We assembled some of the well-known people of the … Continue reading

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MatchVid of the Day: Osmani vs Kensou (KoF2k2)

This is from a recent local tourney in Mexico City, featuring some of the top King of Fighters 2002 players in a very interesting match. players: Osmani (Choi/Billy/Yamazaki) vs Kensou (Kensou/Athena/Ramon) observations: Athena performs a teleport and catches Billy in … Continue reading

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COOLSOUL Vol.11 KoF2k1 Combo DVD

The Chinese team COOLSOUL have been working hard in releasing their latest DVD, this time specializing in King of Fighters 2001. In this near 4-minutes long video, they explor new creative properties found recently in game, such as striker Robert … Continue reading

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Salvation – A CyberIori Tribute KOF Combo Video

Hi, my first post here. We’ve been working on this small community video which is mostly a post-mortem tribute to a combo maker and friend, CyberIori, who sadly passed away not long ago. The idea of the producer, Killer Knight … Continue reading

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