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PASBR Beta PaRappa Combo Video by Kaizen

There is a PlayStation Plus beta going on right now for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Kaizen put together a nice day-one PaRappa combo video in the game’s Basic Tutorial mode. highlights: 0:26 launcher double-jump air combo ender. 0:37 launcher into … Continue reading

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Advanced SF4: All About Dummies

Anyone who has practiced a combo in Street Fighter IV and then tried it on Blanka can tell you, the character you’re hitting is very important. Very few of the combos in Maj’s incredible TACV’s work fully on more than … Continue reading

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Shoto Hitbox Case Study

I’ve always had the impression that Capcom makes hitboxes a little worse in every game. Better or worse, the same moves feel different. To test this, I decided to compare an active frame from Ryu’s forward-jumping roundhouse alongside the first … Continue reading

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UMK3 Tournament Mode TAS by SDR

A very quick and glitchy tool assisted 8 vs 8 match – worth checking out even if you’re not familiar with the game. You definitely won’t fall asleep halfway through. highlights: Dueling Sub-Zeros at 1:19, combo into off screen knockdown … Continue reading

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Basic Fighting Game TAS Etiquette: General Guidelines

Since we’ve covered basic combo video etiquette, I figured I’d extend the discussion to what makes a good fighting game tool-assisted speedrun. There are a number of perfectly valid ways to approach TASing, but it helps to keep these general … Continue reading

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MatchVid of the Day: Desora vs SAW (CvS2)

Had enough CvS2 silliness? Didn’t think so. These are the last two matches out of twenty between SAW and Desora for for the Capcom vs SNK 2 EX-Groove World Title (or something). players: Desora (EX-Iori/Raideso/Singo-2) vs SAW (EX-Sinsen93/Singo/MidoLi-2 and Yun) … Continue reading

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MatchVid of the Day: Chris Hu vs Sanford (SF4)

Now that everyone is used to Super Street Fighter IV’s reduced overall damage, especially for uppercuts, it’s interesting to take a look back at how strong Sagat used to be. For my money, no one had a scarier Sagat than … Continue reading

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Glitch Handbook: Street Fighter II Arcade

I’ve been doing combo stuff for about a year now, and the hardest and most time consuming part of making a new combo is research. I’ve often stumbled on NKI’s old Glitch Bible and wished it had been updated with … Continue reading

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