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ST Eternal by Bob Sagat

Super Turbo combo video with all new, never before seen combos and setups by Bob Sagat. Unfortunately not aired at EVO 2015 as planned, but still thanks to STRevival for keeping ST alive at EVO and getting it up on … Continue reading

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ST T.Hawk 720 Screenshot Set by Bob Sagat

All of the attempted 720s in these screenshots connect. Both grapplers in ST cannot waste their meter, when their Super starts up, their opponent goes for a ride. Here we also see that sprites don’t always accurately represent their hitboxes, … Continue reading

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SSF2 Boiling Oil – A New Challengers Vid by Bob Sagat

When we think about SF2 bonus stages, our minds immediately jump to the infamous car stage, or the wine(?) barrels, or even the console only brick stage, but what about the oil drum stage? It turns out that by positioning … Continue reading

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