USF4: Decapre Combo Music Video 21

The long overdue next addition to my main usf4 combo ccv series is here, this time with a big emphasis on music synchronization with the combos! Experience all the stylish and impractical combos the series is stable for!

Highlights: 0:14 U1 to super then back to the same U1 to KO with the music, 0:50 Using the supers momentum to push balrog further into the U1 to kill instead of whiffing, 1:30 U1 into another U1, 2:15 Super meaty c.hp character specific combo into U2, 2:26 SUPER long combo setup with a crazy finish having U1 into level 3 FADC straight into U2 after the dash!

Music Is: Mikkas & Amba Shepherd – Finally (Jay Cosmic Remix)

Released: April 3rd, 2015

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Kevin Rian – Tribute

Maiden Masher and Pinhead from UltraCombos decided to make a combo vid tribute to Kevin Rian from MOTW. Insane combos, check this out!

Kevin against Grant at 1:13, against Terry at 2:22 and against B. Jenet at 2:55.

combos by Maiden Masher and Pinhead.

edited by KofJin.

soundtrack: Mega Man X3 – OC ReMix.

originally released on March 08, 2015.

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P4AU: Tohru Adachi Combo Video by Persona

With the 2.0 patch released for arcades, I didn’t want to explore every aspect for Adachi since things would change once the patch hits consoles so I just focused on his more damaging combos (which made the video a bit short). If you’re really looking for huge damage (and also easier execution), you should always be hitting the opponent with his Magatsu Mandala super since it powers up his Ghastly Wail super and it poisons the opponent. I found this character good practice for me in preparation for the 2.0 patch.

Combos and editing: Persona

Soundtrack: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax OST: A Fool or Clown

Released today, March 19, 2015

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Omega Character Showcase: Hugo

An all new combo/reset video series for all you omega hungry people out there! This video features a lot of unlisted changes for Hugo incorporated into stylish combos and resets never before thought possible!

Highlights: 0:11 Double Elbow crumple followed by meat srk into EX Backbreaker, 0:30 BNB into full KO meaty clap combo to stun followed by a combo into and out of super! 1:24 Abusing ex lariets whiff phase to setup an ultra reset into the jumping knee standing reset to go straight too U1, 1:42 One of the most optimal and stylish Omega Hugo can preform!

Music Is: Set you free By Cathode

Released January 28th, 2015

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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GGXrd: Elphelt Valentine Combo Video by Persona

The amount of muscle memory needed for some of her combos is insane. Elphelt’s moveset for combos is pretty limited but the creativity comes into how you can fit her Berry Pines inbetween hits since you first have to set the bomb off and then throw it before it explodes on you. In terms of execution, she can do a ton of damage with her Aim Ms. Travailler (shotgun) loops but it requires muscle memory so you can quickly repeat the reps without much thought. From a watcher’s point of view, it looks easy but you actually have to reload her shot inbetween hits while keeping the opponent glued to the wall. To increase the timing difficulty even more, if you leave her in the Aim Ms. Travailler stance for a brief moment, she’ll go into a charge mode where the shot fired will put the opponent onto the wall. Without the charged shot, the opponent goes into a normal juggle state. Other than these two complicated things, her chain combos are simple to understand.

Combos and editing: Persona

Soundtrack: Guilty Gear Xrd OST: Marionette

Released today, January 26, 2015

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Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Keep on Rockin’ CMV

This video covers about half of the cast of returning characters. It has been a long time since I made a cmv, so I hope everyone who is still around enjoys.

Soundtrack: Casiopea – Take Courage
Combos and editing by Caj814

Special Thanks: community for supporting me on my projects

Published on Jan 2, 2015

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GGXrd: Slayer Combo Video by Persona

Slayer seems like a pretty straightforward character for combos compared to the other characters which makes it quite easy to follow along when watching. I purposely don’t end the combos for okizeme since this isn’t a practical combo video. His meter seems like it’s better spent for Red Roman Cancel than supers since it allows him to do a ton of very deadly stuff. Also his air super can actually hit twice, from his body and from the light around his body, doing a ton of damage. If only his body hits, the juggled opponent falls straight down but if only the light hits, they continue being juggled. The combo on Faust is a good example while the combo on Zato=1 shows the 2 hits.

Combos and editing: Persona

Soundtrack: Guilty Gear Xrd OST: Jack-A-Dandy

Released today, January 3, 2015

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Ultra Street Fighter IV: “That ain’t Omega!” by Doopliss

While other people are focusing on Omega, I wanted to make a video about the changes to the main game. Close to every combo-relevant change is featured in this video.

Decapre 950 stun combo at 0:00, Dan 11 Gadoken combo at 2:25, Oni EX DP to Air U1 combo at 3:05, Guile stun combo at 3:27

Combos and editing by: Doopliss

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Ultra Street Fighter IV: “The Overly Serious Joke” Combo Video By Cjbqulix

My next Redux Combo Video Is here! This time dan and evil ryu are featured in stylish fashion featuring some of the most serious (and silliest) combos in the BIZ! Some of these include back to back ultras, Decapre U1 extentions, super taunts, and much more!

Highlights: 0:28 Abusing hugos height for maximum style, 0:51 6 wheel kicks and tight links on decapre abusing her U1, 1:26 U2>> Super Taunt >> U2 need I say more?, 1:47 HUGELY damaging dan combo using 5 meters and a stun dealing about 60-70% with no ultra!

Music is: Finally Home-Ryan Little

Released October 24th, 2014

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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Ultra Street Fighter IV: “The Twins” Combo Video By Cjbqulix

A brand new combo video featuring the ferocious Yun and Yang! This video focuses mainly on the ultra changes to the characters while adding a bit of flair to make the combos something special! Check out this crazy video featuring the twins!

Highlights: 0:31 Pushing Yangs juggle potential to the limit, 1:00 Yun decapre u1 combo, 1:11 Yang 68 hit decapre u1 combo w/super and ultra, 2:01 Yun Red focus application into meaty palm combo, 2:33 corner carry combo with yang done with style and grace

Music is: Sculpted – Hayware

Released October 8th, 2014

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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